Envision a landscape of bubbles, clouds and fluids.

Light and slippery like bubbles, airy and flamboyant like the clouds and cold and smooth like fluids. The mysterious feeling of dark and shiny, what comes next is beyond the perception. Continued...

Silly Rabbit Awakens in the World

The rabbit came to a realization on March Hare Day and accepted it's true self.

It also visits a local zoo and shows off its ability to outswim an inferior sea lion by invading the creature's inhabitance.

Boasting his appearance to a inquisitive turtle who has yet to find out her true identity.

Colors were added to the dreams..

The blurry visions of dreams became more clear and vivid. It is a wonderland where a peacock, a parrot and a butterfly all dance together in a colorful hallucination. The jabberwockies cease to shared their dance with the flying critters. Oh, I wish this joyous time does not end.